Senior Front End Developer

We’re looking for Senior Front-End Developers to join us. Our Senior Front-End Developers combine their technical ability with a focused approach. They take an active role coaching and mentoring our professional developers.

At Harper James, our multi-functional teams are typically made up of UX designers, front-end devs senior iOS and Android devs. Working in a dynamic environment means communication is key. Our technical teams enjoy pairing, test-driven development, learning new skills and technologies, user testing and validating and putting the client at the centre of what we do.

We’re looking for someone with experience of JavaScript (Vue and React), CSS (using SaSS, Less) and HTML. We use text editors (VSCode, Sublime Text, PHP Storm, etc) and build tools (NPM, WebPack).

What will my responsibilities be?

You will be responsible for front-end development and work closely with your team of other front-end developers and designers. As a passionate front-end developer, you’ll constantly look for ways to improve your skills and how people interact with your builds. You will also need to support our back-end developers writing and front-end code they need.

What skills do I need to have?

We’re looking for a senior front-end developer with experience with Vue.js, React.js and SCSS. Any js animation experience would be an advantage. You’ll have worked in similar environments and enjoy showing your skills and training the rest of the team using your experience and knowledge letting the MD know when you need help and how the team is progressing under your management, making sure they hit their deadline and helping out as much as you can in a collaborative manner.


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